About Us

We at Hugh Wood Inc. are proud of the insurance and risk management services we provide for our clients.

Our organization was founded in the United States in 1982 when our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hugh W. Wood, personally designed and implemented a highly innovative real estate insurance policy form. Originally intended mainly for multi-national clients and high value real estate exposures, it has evolved into a large national and international program that remains a benchmark for real estate insurance.
In the many successful years of growth since our founding, Hugh Wood Inc. has continually employed top professionals with knowledge and experience in the domestic and global marketplace. We now manage and insure clients in 50 countries and our expertise has greatly expanded to include several broad market niches, notably those of ports and marine terminal operators, fine arts and collectibles.
Today, in concert with the HWI global network, Hugh Wood Inc., headquartered in New York along with branch offices in several major U.S. cities, is one of the leading providers of insurance services and risk management for commercial risks. Since 1982 we have proudly provided insurance solutions for clients who require superior service from results-oriented and dedicated insurance professionals.
We Are Not Too Big…
We are a mid-size international broker that continues to be led by our founder Hugh W. Wood, enabling us to retain an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation. We are unencumbered by layers of management, shareholder equity and profit center interests.
On average, our US staff has worked for Hugh Wood Inc. for over 10 years. Indeed, most of our clients have enjoyed working with the same account managers for many years. Our top management is closely involved and always available to our clients.
...But Not Too Small!
We take a global approach to getting the job done. As opposed to most brokers, we are not limited to regional or national, markets.
While we tend to focus on the U.S. commercial risks, when a need arises, unlike purely domestic brokers, we do not have to rely on other agencies to deliver a first class service internationally.  We can partner with our colleagues in the HWI global network to accomplish our clients’ goals quickly and efficiently.
Privately-held and totally independent, we always put our clients’ interests first. We never forget that we are your representatives in the insurance marketplace.